RReduX(pronounced "redux") was founded by Dr. Marko A. Rodriguez in February 2019 with a mission to advance open source technologies in the fields of graph and stream computing. The ultimate technological goal of RReduXis to unify these seemingly disparate domains into a universal distributed computer known as GMachine™.

Dr. Rodriguez is one of the founders and primary developers of Apache TinkerPop™. In striving towards GMachine, Dr. Rodriguez focuses his day-to-day efforts on TinkerPop4 — the next generation graph computing framework based on modern stream computing concepts.

RReduXprovides the following services:

  • Design: Create and review architectures for graph- and stream-based products.
  • Development: Provide engineering support for graph- and stream-based products.
  • Training: Teach theoretical and applied concepts related to graph and stream computing technologies.
  • Patronage: Develop open source Apache TinkerPop4 with sponsorship from organizations leveraging the technology.